I really need help here. What I am trying to do is the following.


$today = date("m.d.y");
$time = date("g:i a");

if($row[3] == $today){

        if(($row[4] < $time) and ($time < $row[6])){

        print("Now Showing");

        } else {

        print("Today at $row[4]");


} else {

print("$row[3] at $row[4]");



$row[3] --> Date stored in database i.e 06.23.01
$row[4] --> Start time stored in database i.e 7.00 pm
$row[6] --> End time stored in database i.e 7.30 pm

My problem is that when it looks for the difference in time it works fine 
with say :

start time = 7:00 pm
end time = 8:00 pm

But as soon as I go into:

start time = 7:00 pm
end time = 7.35 pm

it mucks up!

Please help!! What do I need to do?
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