What does the ODBC trace show right after connection, and any subsequent

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> Colum,
> Did you try it, stripping out all of your error testing code,
> just doing a
> simple query, such as a "Select * from tablename"?
> You could also try searching the archives of the list for these two names:
> Andrew Hill, who works for OpenLink, a company which builds ODBC drivers.
> and
> Manuel Lemos who has developed what I believe is a fairly decent class of
> database objects.
> My problem is that I have no experience using ODBC within PHP, so I don't
> have any direct hints except to divide and conquer. In other
> words, if you
> are getting a connection, then try a simple query, making certain, by
> echoing it, that it looks OK. Check the error that's thrown and diagnose
> from there.
> Have you tried odbc_connect? Have you checked all the comments in the
> online manual against what you're doing? (I know that sounds like
> hectoring, but I once made a 180 mile round trip service call
> because I was
> too stubborn to check a piece of network cable.) :<(
> One thing I am certain of, the fix, when you find it, will
> probably be trivial.
> Keep plugging, dividing and conquering - Miles

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