hmmm, let me think about this.

unless you are crazy you will choose your to stay dynamic. Can you imagine
keeping track of new records... "let's click the PF version so I can print
this... What the hell! Shawna I can't print this damn thing. This link
doesn't work. blah blah..." It only gets worse I'm sure. I would try doing
something with CSS... then you may even decide to change the other template.



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Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 3:13 PM
Subject: [PHP-DB] static or dynamic "printer-friendly" webpages?

Question for all you php experts out there:

My organization's website is based on mysql/php backend - 95% of the
webpages are generated dynamically using templates and database records.

We have been asked to create "printer-friendly" versions of these pages.

Now for your opinion/advice: should we (1)create another template called
"print.php" for example and generate there print friendly pages dynamically
or should we (2)create static html copies of each database record so that
they are "print friendly"?

By "print friendly" I mean I want a page that doesn't have the text cut off
the right hand side of the page (nevermind, for now, that the original page
shouldn't do this
in the first place :) )

Thank you so much for your help!

- Shawna

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