I am looking for a version of PHP_DB.DLL that includes Berkeley DB support
on the Windows platform.

I read the php source (php405\ext\db\db.c) and have determined that DB
support is not included by default.
The dblist() function returns "flat file support enabled".

My best guess is to enable NDBM support, include the lines marked (*) which
currently apply to BSD only,
and build against the DB libraries.

        #if NDBM && !GDBM
        #if BSD2
        #define DB_DBM_HSEARCH 1        (*)
        #include <db.h>         (*)
        #ifdef HAVE_DB1_NDBM_H
        #include <db1/ndbm.h>
        #include <ndbm.h>

Does this make sense? I have tried to rebuild php405 on windows but have
been unsuccessful so far. Has anyone else already made these changes?

David Robinson

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