IF i add my name as Carol O'Conner in a form and Echo (PHP 4.06 on win 95) it back I 

Carol O\'Conner 

If I pass that name along to another page I'll see it as:

 Carol O\\\'Conner 

Even if I use :  <?php echo(htmlspecialchars ($name, ENT_QUOTES)); ?>

IF I enter my name as:    Carol O'Conner <died> 
I'll see it echoed as

Carol O\'Conner <died> 

so I am thrilled that the <> came back and was displayed as it was typed in by the user

but how do I get rid of that pesky slash \   ?

so I can echo exactly what the user typed in?

I am already using:

 <?php echo(htmlspecialchars ($name, ENT_QUOTES)); ?>

Thanks for the help,


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