Has anyone been able to create a custom sessions handler using Manuel Lemos'
excellent Metabase database abstraction library?

The reason I'm asking is because I've tried a fairly straightforward
implementation of this and it randomly crashes my web server (Apache on
WinMe). Manuel has been able to recreate the problem on his machine (running
Linux) and expressed his belief that this is a problem with the custom
sessions handler in PHP and I've thus submitted a bug report
(http://www.php.net/bugs.php?id=11826) but I'm not ruling out the
possibility that it's something I can something about to fix (either in
Metabase or in my code).

I'd really appreciate it if anyone's tried to do this with Metabase (or,
even better, succeeded!)

Aral :)
    New Media Producer, Kismia, Inc.
    Adj. Prof., American University

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