Hi all,

Is it possible to replicate Oracle server to other Oracle
servers via PHP?
I'll make an example to make it clearer:

There is one web server (Apache) and two database servers
(Oracle) for example Ora1 and Ora2 all are in 1 LAN.

All requests are through Apache and with PHP scripts, the
request will be redirected to Ora1 (priority #1).If Ora1 is
down, the request will be redirected to Ora2 (priority #2).
But when Ora1 is up, the server will try to request to Ora2
for the change and when Ora1 is ready, the request will be
redirected to Ora1 again.

I'm considering to ping-ing Ora1 to check whether Ora1 up or
down by using socket() to Oracle port.I think the big
problem is writing a PHP scripts to auto-redirect, is there
any idea?


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