Here was the application I was thinking of creating for my organization.
We wanted to make an online survey tool.  Where you can create a survey,
with sections, possibly subsections, questions, and acceptable answers.

It's easy enough to create this stuff each and every time, but it's
ridiculously tedious.

So why not make an application that does it automatically.

So we were thinking that you kind of have to define the different types of
questions/answers that can be used in the survey. For example, a straight
text field, multiline text field, 5 radio button selection, 5 option
pull-down, Yes/No radio button, checkboxes, etc...

So in defining the types of questions/answers, we thought it might be cool
to define each type of answer and the code that goes along with generating
it.  So when defining the survey questions, you tell it that the question
has a 3 radio button answer, and the system would pull code from the
database to help generate the question/answer html dynamically when someone
goes to the survey.

I know you could store the functions as includes, but just thought it would
be cool if people could store the code in the database, because there might
just be an answer type that I haven't yet thought to program.


on 7/1/01 2:34 PM, olinux at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Couldn't you just store the php commands as a txt file and then use a SSI
> [server side include]?
> olinux
>> It would be very convenient to be able to store PHP (or any other server
>> side code) in a database, then retrieve and execute it.
>> I store a lot of website content with embedded HTML commands in a
> database.
>> Being able to store PHP code in the database as well would be very
>> convenient.
> Lets think about something:
> if we put some code in a field and then we out the of code from code put in
> temporal file and then include in our principal code :)))
> but i have a doubt eval funcion we work with functions printf,  echo? i
> don't think so.
>> The only way I can think of doing it would involve a lot of very messy
>> parsing out of the php commands. I expect that would take way to much
>> processing time. I don't imagine that would work for entire functions
>> either. Maybe just individual PHP commands.
>> Any ideas????
>> Thanks! Rita
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