With mysql you can do mysql_insert_id.  The following code should do what
you need in mssql.



$id=mssql_query("select @@IDENTITY as 'taskid'");

$taskid will then be whatever mssql set your identity/autoincrement field
to be.


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I've run into an issue using MSSQL_QUERY() that I cannot seem to figure out
a work-around for.  The last field in the query is an auto-increment
starting at 100,000.  I need the MSSQL_QUERY($query) statement to print out
the result of the query (which is a stored procedure in case that wasn't
obvious).  Instead it returns True (1) or False (0?).  Does anyone have
suggestions?  I am completely stumped at this point.






$taskid = 1

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