The information returned from a text box includes line feeds in the form of 
"\n" which is not recognized by browsers as a line feed. To make it display 
properly, you need to convert all the "\n"s to "<br>"s.. Here's a snippet 
of code that I use:

// Assume that the text field is named 'message' and this is the code that 
processes the form input
$message = ereg_replace("\n","<br>", $message);
//Now this will display properly.

Often it is handy to change quotes to &quot so that you don't run into php 
conflicts when you're processing the text. You can use the same command to 
do that.

Hope this helps,
-Micah Stevens
  Raincross Technologies

At 02:29 PM 7/3/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>I am creating a content management page that uses a textarea box to enter a
>chunk of text which then is sent into the database into a text-type field.
>I am finding that when the data is retrieved to be shown in the browser that
>the line feeds are lost.  I don't want users to have to know HTML to put
>tags in themselves.  What's the best way to handle this?
>Can I read from the database and insert br's and p's to be put into the
>displayed HTML?  Or, instead, is there a way to put the br's and p's
>immediately into the database when the record is inserted?  How can I do
>this?  How would the string be manipulated?
>Thanks for your help,
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