> I would like to begin learning ODBC. Will I be able to set this up on my
> single local machine?

The ODBC functions are build in when you are running PHP on a Windows Box. If you are 
running on a (nix box you have to compile PHP with support for ODBC.

> Also, What about connecting to MS SQL server remotely? Will i simply need an
> IP Port and user/pass?

If The MS SQL Server is configured to use TCP/IP you can use this to communicate with 
the server. If the Server uses named pipes you can uses this from a Windows box only.

The MSSQL Server can be accessed using ODBC or the native mssql_* functions. You can 
enable the mssql functions by uncommenting ;extension=php_mssql.dll in php.ini. This 
requires that you are running on Windws and you install the client tools from MS SQL 
Server on yor PHP box.

With ODBC and native MSSQL you can access remote or local databases.

- Frank
> Thank you
> olinux

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