assuming you have a DB setup with a table for the guestbook, just do a
standard query.

now the steps can be long and wordy.  but essentially, you open a
connection to the DB server.  you make a link to the DB.  you then pass
an SQL query via PHP to Mysql.  then it stores the result into an array
that you can then process.

best thing to do is get a book that has PHP and Mysql into it.

Beginning PHP from had me started really well.  then i got a
PHP and Mysql book that just answered all my questions.

> Hi there,
> I'm new to PHP and MySQL - coming from ACCESS and ASP.  Can someone please let me 
>know - in simple terms :-) how to search a DB?  I have written a guestbook which 
>works fine, but I would like my users to be able to search it for a word or phrase 
>and i'm not totally sure how to go about it.
> Thanks for any and all help anyone :-)

Leo G. Divinagracia III

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