ensure that your mysqld is actually running.  Then try running 'mysql 
-hlocalhost -uroot' if it's a new install, or add '-p' at the end if you've set 
a root password.  Alternately, specify another user after -u.

That should help.  I just figured this one out the other day... I had gone so 
far as to install phpMyAdmin solely because I couldn't get the damn mysql client 
to work.

Good Luck,

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>Subject: [PHP-DB] MySQL Error
>Dear Experts 
>When ever i try to run MySQL under linux it gives me following error 
>ERROR 2002 : can't connect to local MYSQL server through socket 
'/var/lib/mysql.sock' (111)
>what could be possible remedy/rectification of the above ?
>million thx in advance 
>Vivek Misra 
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