Tom Peck wrote:
> Hi
> The company I work for has recently developed a Car Dealer type site, which
> acts as a large on-line used car yard.  Currently the MySQL database
> holding the cars is added too / edited / deleted by one person employed for
> the job - but we hope to expand to allow the Dealers themselves admin
> rights to their on-line cars.
> I have begun development of a Dealer Admin area - but have a couple of
> questions regarding this:
> 1)  Would any sort of Table Locking be needed for this -  for example if
> two people were trying to update the same car, at the same time etc etc..

No, if updating is done with a single query.

> 2)  If yes, is there any on-line documentation on this?
> 3)  What other problems could arise if this was implemented?

It depends on what you really want to do.

Anyway, MySQL has LOCK TABLES but I don't recommend to use them without
proper because you inadvertdly may leave the database locked. The latest
versions also support transactions. It's a bit awkward but it works,
although the recommendation is the same.

Maybe you want to try other databases that handle transactions more
efficiently like Oracle, or PostgreSQL if you can't afford a commercial

If you are not sure about switching to other databases, you may want to
try Metabase which is a database abstraction package that lets you write
portable database applications. That way, you may switch (or not) to
another database later without changing your application code.

Metabase is free and is available here:


Manuel Lemos

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