Perhaps you could consider using the webserver config (in Apache it 
would be the httpd.conf file) to do the dirty work.

Create and alias (in the /util/ domain) for "img"  that points to the 
"/hdocs/www/img/" location - voila!  YMMV

Tom Henry

Ken Sommers wrote:

> Hello again,
>  DOCUMENT_ROOT is......  /htdocs/www
> I  have a php file ( showdatabases.php) in my subdomain area   /htdocs/util/
> it loads up just fine: and if you click it, you will see my database
> structure if you like..:)
> I have images stored in  /hdocs/www/img/  right now  (of course i could move
> them, and fix all references to them) but I like them there because I can
> refer to images in pages in /www/ with background="img/bgpic.jpg"    ...of
> course this works just fine becuz /img/ is just down from /www/.
> but now I have pages in subdomains as menitoned above like:
> /htdocs/util/showdatabases.php
> and of course I want to refer to images from those subdomain pages too,,and
> of course
> I don't want to have another dir with the same pics in them..something
> like...  /htdocs/util/img/
> becuz I already have the pics in /htdocs/www/img/  and if I make another sub
> domain called /htdocs/stuff , I don't want to have to copy the pics AGAIN
> into /htdocs/stuff/img
> right? So,,, (yes I may be getting to the end now..) how or where should I
> put my pics so the /www/ and /util/ and /stuff/ guys can use them as
> background pics?
> what would the body tag look like?
> <body background="../www/img/background.jpg">   doesn;t work
> what will?
> <body background="What??????">
> thanks again,
> Ken

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