I believe this happens because most browsers feel that it is important
to regenerate any page that was generated with form input when you go
'Back' to it.  

Therefore, there's not much you can do about it... I suppose you could
make links from the expiring page open in new windows, so they could
just close the window and it will be okay... but that's not a very good
solution either, is it  =>

Good luck,

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I've setup a members directory in mysql that is searchable via different
field and I limit the number of records.
I use session variables to remember the number of records to display,
what the starting record is, what the
search string and search fields are.  At anytime a user can click on an
id number to do a Select statement
that queries for that single row of data.  Afterward, if the user hits
their browsers back button I get:

"Warning: Page has Expired"

I've noticed allot of sites just ask the user to not use the back
button.  I'm curious if this is caused by an
error in my code or because I used session variables that might have
changed in the last MySQL select
query.  So that when you hit back, the browser is using some sort of
cached data while still loading the
php code?  I'm very confused at this point.  Is there anything I can do
to prevent the "Expired Page" warning,
rather than expecting my viewers to learn to do without it.

Keith Spiller

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