I have an ibm db2 which has jpg images stored as blob fields (about 2M). I
seem to have a hard time getting them with PHP and presenting them properly
in the browser. (When I try to save it from the DB2 side, it is stored ok).

Though i actually get the image i ask for, when i try to output it to the
browser i get a series of characters from 0 to F instead (Hex) like this:


Saving it to a file with has no result either. The file seems to be created,
it has the appropriate size but trying to view is contents results in
getting an unsupported type of image which the browser fails to present.

Using the different types of the odbc_binmode function of PHP
(http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.odbc-binmode.php), returns the same
results. I try odbc_longreadlen since i get a blob field but the output is
similar to the previous.

I also asked in a DB2 newsgroup

Thats why we added a field containing a JPEG format of the image but it
doesnt seem to work either.

Thanks in advance.

Dimitris Glezos

High Performance Computing Laboratory
University of Patras

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