Hello Dobromir,

Dobromir Velev wrote:

> Did you try to use something like this.
> mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT
>        WLPbib.bibID,

The only item that I want to have distinct is the first one.  However, I think 
that Matthew's response (to your response) is working now.

> The other thing that may help is to rearange the order of the tables in the
> FROM clause. Please check if some of the joins return more than one result -
> if you have more than one address for a publisher the query will return one
> row for every address.
Actually, I'd like to have more than one record (WLPprofile rather than WLPaddress in 
this case) per bibliography item (WLPbib)

You see a book can have many authors, but I'm not sure how to build the tables 
so that I can link to multiple authors..  Any sugestions?  Right now there is 
one profileID listed.  I don't know how to organize the data so that 
WLPbib.profileID can equal WLPprofile.profileID=3, WLPprofile.profileID=7, & 

Would Matthew's suggestion work in places where there are multiple profiles 
(authors) referred to within the bib table?

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