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> Subject: [PHP-DB] Production: Linux/Apache/PHP <--> FreeTDS <-->
> W2K/MSSQL 7.0
> When I switch to production I intend to use: Linux/Apache/PHP 
> <--> FreeTDS <--> W2K/MSSQL7.0

I'm currently using this combination (except with FreeBSD instead of
> I am particularly concerned about the mssql_next_result 
> function (such a function doesn't exist for Sybase and I
> don't know enough about how FreeTDS works).

The mssql functions that get enabled by the FreeTDS library are
specified as aliases for the equivalent sybase functions in
$PHPDIR/ext/sybase/php_sybase_db.c.  It doesn't look like
mssql_next_result is among those that have an equivalent, so it's not
included.  (The ones that exist are: mssql_connect, mssql_pconnect,
mssql_close, mssql_select_db, mssql_query, mssql_free_result,
mssql_get_last_message, mssql_num_rows, mssql_num_fields,
mssql_fetch_row, mssql_fetch_array, mssql_fetch_object, mssql_data_seek,
mssql_fetch_field, mssql_field_seek, mssql_result, mssql_affected_rows,
mssql_min_error_severity, and mssql_min_message_severity.)

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