On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 09:43:28AM +0200, Felix Meulenkamp wrote:
> My Prob... I'm adding ldap-entrys utf8-encoded to the db, but i have
> probs to add them to utf8-encoded DNs like:
> cn=Mike Müller, o=My Org, c=de
> But after saving, it looks like:
> cn=Mike M?ller, ...
> And... I can add attributes with a utf8-encoded value, but not with
> many encoded values ...

Are you sure it isn't just your LDAP client that displays it as ?, I
find it hard to believe that PHP actually stores it as a ?. I'm not
sure what you mean by the last comment.

> Q: Are there some special hints to follow for encoding the DN?

Not in this respect

> Q: What to do for saving many special-chars-strings for one attribute?

So you have multiple values where at least two have non-ascii characters?

> I'm running PHP 4.0.4pl1 and Open-LDAP 2.0.7.
> ...perhaps this behavior depends on a bug..?

If you could send me a smallest possible PHP script that shows the bad
behavior, I'll try it out and fix the bug, or if there is no bug tell
you why.


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