I used Cedant.com to host my own site for a few months, and they were
excellent - no down time that I was aware of, and a handy web-based control
panel (and of course SSH shell access for anything not covered by the
control panel.)  Although they didn't have a large tech support phone bank
(Usually I'd leave a voice mail and get a call or e-mail back within a
couple of hours), their support was intelligent and very responsive.  I
think it was about $12.95/month for the plan I used, which included
PHP/MySQL on RedHat Linux 7.0 and plenty of traffic for my small needs.


P.S.  I don't work for Cedant or anything, and the only reason I stopped
using them was that I got my own Linux/PHP/MySQL server going on an old
Pentium 200 at home - no 100% uptime guarantees, but I don't really get any
traffic to speak of so it's not a huge concern. ;-)

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> Hello,
> can anyone recommend a good
> PHP4/ Mysql/ apache/Unix-Linux economy web hosting co.?

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