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>I am using PHP4+Apache 1.3.14 (win32)+[Access-local | Oracle-remote] with
>very simple query on small tables.
>When I start the page.php it takes several second to display the results: it
>seems that it is waiting someting; if there are many rows, it displays a
>portion of it at time (in terms of Kbytes 150, then other 150 and so on).

>The question is: there are some variable configuration in Apaches or some
>tips to use in the PHP code for fastening the replay? (For exaple i faund
>that in a PHP page that display a FORM, the displaing time is smaller if I
>do some calculation in the code than if I don't use it)

I think your are noticing the Oracle server connection overhead.  You'd
better use persistent connections to avoid this overhead after the first

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