suppose you have a MOVIES table in your database on your server at your
hosting company.
Suppose I want some MOVIE info from your database..the titles of all the
Robert Deniro movies released in the 1980's.
Can I get the info and relay it back to the user on MY site?

Would it be something like this?:

Suppose I have a php page on MY web site called MovieInfo.php

MovieInfo.php creates a sql command string from info provided by the user at
MY site.

something like $sql=" select titles,dates from movies where star = 'Robert
Deniro' and decade = '1980'"

assume correct syntax.

Suppose you have a PHp script on your site called MovieResponder.php
that is designed to run the query and send the result back to MY script.

The php page on MY web site called MovieInfo.php has something like this

FORM method="post"
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="query" VALUE=$sql>
<INPUT TYPE="submit">

etc? etc?

how could it work?


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