ther eis no problem connecting to the db every page unless you have problems
that are discussed at regarding persistant connections.

i used them had problems with zillions of postmasters starting.

use the following and include it in the pages that need db access.

if (!$link)
$link = pg_connect("dbname=XXXX port=5432 user=postgres password=XXXX");

passing the link in the url is clumsy and unnecessary.
<substitute pg_pconnect if you need it>


"Cornelia Boenigk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi Albert
> > Hi, i have tried in any mode to pass the link from 1st page where i
> make
> > the connect
> > and the second where the connect is lost.
> Not the connection is lost but the variable $link.
> You use pg_pconnect which establishes a persistent connection. This
> connection is not automatically closed, when the page is left.
> You have to pass the variable to the next page, for example with the
> url:
> <a href="test2.php?link=$link">Test2</a>
> Hope it helps
> Conni

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