PHP manual says:
fopen -- Opens file or URL
int fopen (string filename, string mode [, int use_include_path])

If filename begins with "http://"; (not case sensitive), an HTTP 1.0
connection is opened to the specified server, the page is requested using
the HTTP GET method, and a file pointer is returned to the beginning of the
body of the response.

consider this use of Fopen():

$movie_site = fopen(""; .
urlencode($star) . "&year=" . urlencode($year), "r");
$movie_info = fread($movie_site, 10240);
--- performs a query on it;s own database
with $star and $year

how does get the query result in the
body of the response?

a simple

echo ($result);


how does this stuff communicate?

where's a tutorial or some docs on it?


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