Whatís up guys? I got a quick question about how the Mac OSX Server handles the Apache 
modules. I am not sure, but I am hoping that the way it handles Apache is the same as 
the PC port. I was reading some documentation in a info.php file from the OSX Server 
Library directory and it said I had to do this to enable PHP on the web server:

// To enable PHP, just uncomment the following lines in httpd.conf:
// #LoadModule php4_module
// #AddModule mod_php4.c
// To test PHP, just invoke this page from a browser:
// http://mydomain.com/info.php

The thing that has me boggled is I did a search for the httpd.conf file and ended up 
finding one in the /System/Library/Perl/Darwin/Apache/ directory called httpd_conf.pm.

Is this the same file that I need to do this to? Iím wondering because its located in 
the /Perl/ directory and I am not sure if I should add these comments to it or create 
a brand new http.conf file.

Thanks for the help!


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