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> Suppose I had a MUSIC database that you wanted your site visitors to be able
> to query,and it was OK with me because you had a MOVIE database that i
> wanted MY site visitors to be able to query,
> would we set it up this way?

(Sorry, forgot to respond to this part before...)

Well, technically, you could...but generally-speaking, I wouldn't.  Not 
unless the database was very small, the queries were very simple, and there 
was good reason to avoid using a DBMS (ex. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, 
Oracle, etc.).

Also, if either of you considers the contents of your respective databases 
to be valuable (or sensitive), then you should consider that what you 
propose to do is put the entire contents of both databases up on the WWW 
for anyone to view/copy/download in toto.


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