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> I ran
> mysql> show variables;
> to see if my host server has Oracle support,,

<sigh>MySQL is a DBMS.  Oracle is a DBMS.  Different products from 
different vendors.  MySQL doesn't tell you if you have Oracle support.  

You can use the PHP function phpinfo() to see what options are compiled 
into your PHP install.  But the information show there can look pretty 
cryptic until you compare it against the manual to find out what each 
option means.

Simpler way: talk to your ISP.  Ask them all these questions.

> I don't see anything about Oracle  or any  other DBMS,,
> any way to tell without asking them?

Without asking who?  And why would you want to avoid asking them?  Your ISP 
should be a resource for you, not something to avoid.  And if it's the 
database owner you don't want to talk to, let me repeat: you need to be 
granted access to an account on the database.


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