guys and gals,
as sad as i am to admit it, i am in the process of converting a php project
into ASP. this means i am using an dobc connection to connect to the exact
same database as i was using under php (it's a mysql database, so using the
myodbc driver on win2k machine) and i am having some problems.

the following query works wonderfully on php/mysql, gives me exactly what i
want and i'm very happy with it

counter,Files.title,Files.artist FROM Files,Downloads WHERE
Downloads.what=Files.fileID GROUP BY Files.fileID ORDER BY counter
DESC,Downloads.time DESC LIMIT 10

when i use the same query on ASP/ODBC->MySQL, i get *nothing* no error, no
recordset, nothing :P

except for the limit 10 clause, that query returns hundreds of results, so
there's heaps there, i don't know if anyone out there knows some ASP (i
don't :P just learning!) but everything else seems to be ok, just that the
ODBC driver (at least for MySQL) is just ignoring the select statement.

i have tried playing with the select and as far as i can tell, the problem
is to do with the use of COUNT and GROUP BY - are these allowed in ODBC
queries? i have hunted the microsoft site for odbc documentation and the
only links to it are all broken :P (thank you microsoft for your endless
faux pas)

anyhoo - any help would be greatly appreciated as i am getting to the stage
where i am going to do some bizzarro select and then filter the results into
arrays or soemthing if i can't get it sorted soon :)

thanks folx


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