Ken Sommers wrote:
> Is it possible to exchange data on remote databases in PHP mysql?
> Suppose I had a MUSIC database that you wanted your site visitors to be able
> to query,and it was OK with me because you had a MOVIE database that I
> wanted MY site visitors to be able to query,
> Could we swing this?
> what is the name of this process?
>     remote process serving?
>     remote database access?
>     relay exchange process server?
> IF it exists,,where are all the tutorials and docs on it?

If I were you I would avoid remote database access at all costs for two

- Security: opening a door for remote database access via the Internet
is asking for trouble. Anybody with knowledge could compromise your
database server in serious ways.

- Performance: exhcanging remote database request data via the Internet
is not very fast, not to mention the chances of having the connection go
down due to temporary routing failures. Your data exchange should be
reduced to a minimum and should be done over a reliable medium.

What I suggest that you do is to use some HTTP based RPC (Remote
Procedure Call) method to request just the remote data or execute the
operations you need.

One of most promissing solutions is to use SOAP protocol over HTTP. SOAP
is a protocol for making RPC using XML formatted messages.

You may want to try this PHP class that is a base for developing
arbitrary SOAP servers in PHP without much knowledge of SOAP.


Here you may find an real example one of a SOAP server via HTTP. It is
used to make remote requests to a mailing list manager (ezmlm in this
case), such as like subscribing and subscribing users, verifying if a
user is already subscribed and return a count of how many subscribers
there are in a given mailing list.


Manuel Lemos

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