Hi there everyone,

Thanks to everyone that replied to my session help - but i'm still having problems.  I 
use the below to open a session - Say at the start of my website:


session_register("user"); $user="$username"; 
session_register("pass"); $pass="$password";


where username and pass would be defined by a variable - either from a form or 

Now, if I use <?=("$user")?> on the SAME page as this is, it displays the varibles, 
but if I move to another page on the website via a link the session seems to have 
ended or something as it says $user is undefined.  Do I need to add anything to each 
page where a session is needed so that it grabs the variables before I can use them?  
Or am I doing something totally stupid?  I've tried it on my Win2000 system AND on my 
Linux server.

Please help, I am getting totally frustrated and need to get all this working within 2 
weeks :-(

Thank you


Chris Payne

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