...ive checked both versions, but they all have the same "error" inside.

Lets start in the beginning.
For several months my webserver has used mysql 3.23.38 AND php4.0.1 on 
Apache 1.3.12.
I had never ANY problems so the motto was: Never touch a runnning system 
(oh murphy you are so damn right!).

Well, i have several sites (about 40) running on this server. Never a 
performance issue appeared so i was glad.
Within these 40 servers i have several forums and 
contentmanagementsystems and some stats-systems. lets take as an example:
www.usrangers.net/stats/hlstats.php (hlstats 1.01)
alliance.usrangers.net (phpnuke5)
alliance.usrangers.net/forum (vBulletin2)
these three should be a good example to the php prob i have.

One day i had to install an addon to hlstats (the first link). but 
hlstats needs at least 4.0.4 (php) so i had to update from 4.0.1 to a 
more recent version. i choosed 4.0.5 because it was the most recent rpm 
i could find.

so i did install 4.0.5 and my problems began.

from now on i get a lot of times 2014:command out of sync when php did 
try to connect to the mysqldatabase. also i did realise that the did 
remove the command connection_timeout() (btw: bad attitude! never remove 
commands replace them by dummies! you never know how many system you 
will affect when you remove a command!), but that was fixed pretty fast.

first  i thought only hlstats is affected by this "bug" but then i 
realised that the other sites were too. hlstats is only more often the 
"caseofemergency" because it does use more often the database (it uses 
pretty complex and large queries). but phpnuke and vbulleting had 
problems as well!

So please help me i dont know what to do next. i think i have tried 
everything, but hey - you may have an idea!

Here is the webservers coniguration:
dual celeron 500mhz
512mb ram
29160 u-lvd controller
130gb u-lvd harddisks (5 harddisks)
intel network adapter (reference model)
redhat 6.2 with most recent patches and updates
kernel 2.2.18
uptime: 10:33am  up 45 days,  8:14,  4 users,  load average: 0.07, 0.09, 

as i said before the system is 100% stable and the ONLY factor i did 
change WAS php4 from 4.0.1 to 4.0.5 (i did check 4.0.6 as well but there 
was no significant change!)



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