Make sure ahead of time whether the cable ISP gives you a static IP address
or a dynamic one... Most of them in the US only give you dynamic IP's.  They
don't change all that often, but it does make it tough to host a domain name
if your IP address is liable to change at any given moment.  Also, read
through the Terms of Service... the ISP may explicitly forbid you from
running *any* kind of a server on their connection.

But otherwise, it's a lot of fun running a server at home... it's a great
use for an old box that would otherwise be gathering dust, and being able to
compile and configure your web server exactly the way you want it is great.
Even if you don't have a static address, you can sign up with a service like

And of course, make sure your home server is secure, especially if you use
it as a web gateway as well as an http server :)


> -----Original Message-----

> Subject: Probably a stupid home server question ........
 I have Windows 2000 with php, mysql, mssql etc
> ..... and redhat linux 6.2 with the same - would it be possible
> to set it up from home bearing in mind my website will be the
> only site hosted on it?

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