Hi folks,

I have a requirement to show records in a certain standard
format from a database. This requires first/previous/
next/last buttons, sorting on the column name, searching
and filtering using text entered into a text box etc etc.
This page would be continuously calling itself when
asked to sort or filter etc. and I wanted to use it as
a generic display and search/sort page by passing in
an sql command or something along those lines.

This is getting too messy, i.e. using post and get, trying
to work with multiple subnmit buttons (anyone have any
example code here?), having multiple variables passed
between pages or back into the same page. Can anyone
tell me the best way to structure this? Should I always
be using either post or get only, what's the best way to
pass variables in this manner to ensure ease of maintenance
and not letting it get messy (for example, should I be using
an array of variables)? Is there an easier way?

If anyone of you has come across this before, could you
please point a newbie in the right direction? Thanks.

Best Regards,

Colum Hickey

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