Hi people of PHP !
First of all Excuse me if i use this "channel" to ask you an little
market opinion
but it could be very interesting !
I am a little PHP/Linux programmer but I've lot of years of experience
in developing C.A.S.E. product
for dBase and Sql in DOS/Windows Platform.
With this, I am trying to do a little "market research" about an Idea.

The Question :

- What do you think about a particular www Free (or not all free) Site
where you could, after registration, develope :
    --Data entry and Retrieve masks to access to SQL DBs
in order to build your own application
and at the end "generate" PHP Code and download it!

This Idea is based on a Wysiwyg Web Engine and a Code Generator
that I am developing.

What do you think about it?
Did you feel and interesting site to use?

Please send me your opinion starting to tell me
a vote from 0 (low vote) to 10 (better vote).

If someone is interested to partecipate to the project ...

Thank you to all in advance.
Data Project
Alberto Barbera

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