I am doing some script timing of a DB connection PHP/Linux to MSSQL thru
FreeTDS based on this script timing article:

I am getting a time of 200-250 milliseconds compared to sub-50 ms using

Any idea on what is generally acceptable for a small-medium db-driven
website?  How critical is this time?  I am a bit concerned that accessing an
MSSQL db from PHP/Linux is going to cause me headaches in a production
environment.  Any ideas on speeding it up?

Here's my code if you want to try it out and report some results (of course
results are dependent on hardware, network...)

include ("phptimer.inc");         file://from the article above
$timer = new PHP_timer;
$conn = mssql_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpass);
echo $conn . '<br><br>';



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