I really do appreciate your help.

But, I found out that the solution scrip that you gave me was wrong script
for my purpose.
I guess I didn't describe my problem right.
I didn't mean to get the total number of rows to compare.

Let's say I have a table name inventory and contains two columes.
Here is example,

                    item        inventory
                   15109         0
                    15110        12
                    14590        7
This is a script that I tried and didn't work.

$itemx = "15109";
  $num = mysql_query("SELECT quantity FROM inventory WHERE item =
  if ($num < 1) {
  echo "<b><font color=\"#FF0000\">Out of Stock $result</font></b>";
  } else {
  echo "<b><font color=\"#0000FF\">In Stock $result</font></b>";

I want my inventory quantity with known item number to compare with
($num<1), but didn't work.
Can you tell me how about solving this problem?
Thanks for your time again.

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