Hello All,

I'd like a simple query to determine how MANY books in a database are released 
by A publisher.  This shouldn't be a big deal, but I've looked at a number of 
solutions and am coming up short.  MySQL is being accessed via phplib, but I'm 
sure that it's just how I'm expressing the general MySQL query.

The bookID & publisherID are both listed in the bookDB.  I just want a query 
which will go through the database and return the publisherID and a count of the 
number of books.

I'd like to end up with an array that expresses $publisherID => Number of books 
so that I can tap this later...

I first tried to approach it by doing this which fell because of @@IDENTITY
$q2  = "SELECT publisherID FROM WLPpublisher";
$q2  = "SELECT @@IDENTITY AS publisherID FROM WLPpublisher";
echo $q2 . "<br>";
$lastPublisherID = $this->db->query($q2);
$q3  = "SELECT bibID,publisherID FROM WLPbib WHERE publisherID='$i'";
echo $q3 . "<br>";
for ($i=0; ($i < $lastPublisherID); $i++) {
        $pub_count_ary[$i] = $this->db->num_rows($q3);

I next tried to use a query like this, but couldn't figure out how to express 
the relationship between the two:
$q2  = "SELECT bibID,publisherID,COUNT(*)
        FROM WLPbib
        GROUP BY publisherID";
while ($this->db->next_record()) {
$pub_count_ary[$i] = $this->db->Record[publisherID];

Finally, I tried this which didn't work either:
$q2  = "SELECT bibID,publisherID FROM WLPbib";
$i = 0;
while ($this->db->next_record()) {
        $pub_count_ary[$i] = $this->db->Record[publisherID];

The relevant table's here:

        bibID mediumint(9) NOT NULL,
        languageID varchar(5),
        publisherID mediumint(9),
        categoryID smallint(6),
        type varchar(55),
        title varchar(255),
        pageNumber varchar(55),
        source_bibID varchar(55),
        publicationDate varchar(5),
        dateAdded date,
        publishedLanguage varchar(5),
        URL varchar(100),
        status varchar(5),
        PRIMARY KEY (bibID)

Suggestions are appreciated!


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