Hi all,

I use a Linux platform, Apache, and PHP4.
I use "htaccess" method in order to have restricted accesses, and I
handle my users via a PHP interface.

- when I want to create a new user, I generate a string such as 
"username:cryptedpassword", and I insert it at the end of my ".htpasswd" file.

- when I want to modify the password of an existing user, how to do that ?
--> 1/ delete the line corresponding to this user, and then insert the new 
"username:cryptedpassword" line ? in this case, can you tell me which funtions 
to use (find a line in an ascii file, delete it, and insert the new one) ?
--> 2/ run a command line such as "htpasswd ..." (without "-c" argument) ? in 
this case, can you tell me how to run a unix command line from a PHP script ?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Samuel Torton

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