if you are tracking the sessions by a unique value, say their username,
then check if the session is still alive each they log in...  otherwise,
start a new one.  but the trick is the unique value...

deco wrote:
>    Well, i'm having some trouble in here and i hope someone can help me...
>    I'm using sessions to keep track of users on my website... Using this,
> i'm able to display the name of the users that are currently online...
>    Here's the thing... When users get on the site a new session is opened
> and they get on the online list... For the logging out, i have a log out
> button that to the moment very few people have used... I've been looking for
> some kind of event that may be triggered when a session expires, so that i
> could change it and do what i need when a user logs out. Unfortunately i
> have not found anything like this.
>     The way i found to do this was to have people visiting the site doing
> this job for me. Every time a page is requested it checks the time of the
> last page hit from every online user and if the difference to the current
> time is more than some default i specify, it puts it as offline. Another way
> was to have cron do this for me...
>     But i still wonder if it's possible to have php sessions do this for me,
> as some kind of mechanism must exists for the session expires...

Leo G. Divinagracia III

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