the web page that is generated, does the HREF tag supply a name?  and at
least for my netscrape 4.7x, whenever i right click on an image, it uses
that name on the dialog box that pops up, prompting me where and how to
save it as...

btw, why save images on a table?  wouldnt saving the URL better?  the
pixs themselves would sit on separate folder or something...

Koutsogiannopoulos Karolos wrote:
> Hello Again everyone...
> My question is simple...
> I have images submited IN my mysql Database.
> What i want is when i display them and i right click on them and choose save
> picture as i can get the name of the
> picture from the DB and not have to insert it my self.
> Does anyone now how can i do that with a file that comes from a db???
> thanks
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