Name your form submit button somehow, for example
<input type="Submit" name="my_submit_button" value="Submit">

then when the page is refresh check if there is a variable named
$my_submit_button. If there is not than the page is refreshed using the
refresh button or the form was submitted with th "Enter" key.
You will process the form only when there is variable $my_submit_button
which means that someone has pressed the submit button.

Dobromir Velev
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From: John Pickett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Wednesday, July 25, 2001 4:59 PM
Subject: [PHP-DB] Allowing refresh without form processing?

>I have a page where I'd like to allow the client to use their refresh
>button.  The only problem with this is, when they submit a form that's on
>the page, it is parsed by the same page.  So if they hit refresh, the same
>information will be submitted twice (or more).  How can I "clear" out any
>knowledge that a form was submitted?  I've tried adding unset
>($HTTP_POST_VARS); to the bottom of the page but that didn't do anything
>it...  Any other ideas?
>BTW, I'm asking this because the form uses a db to process and I'm unsure
>that may be the issue or not...
>My 2 ?
>John Pickett
>Co-Author:  Inside Dreamweaver 4
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