Hi all

I think this should be a nice easy one...

I get a select * query, then I start checking what values are in certain
columns for a given row. Usually I do something like

        if ($row[3] == "1") {
                //      do something
        } else {
                //      do something else

OK - nice and easy.

Now then, I have changed a column in the table, and the only way I found to
change a data type is to delete the offending column and then add it again.

When I do the select now the new column, which was at $row[3] is now always
$row[39]. I don't mind this, because I know where it is, but is there any
way I can make it appear at $row[3] again? I'm sure you can imagine when
there are quite a few pages using this code it's easier to reorder the
columns in the select than to change all my if() codes!

By the way, I know I can be explicit by SELECTing each column by name, but
I'ds rather use a SELECT * fror this partucular instance.

Any ideas? Or am I just being lazy (it's been a long night after all!)?



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