I'm confused - what do you mean? When you use the terms "Browser Style" and 
"Custom Report Style" are you referring to style sheets, a property of a 
particular browser, or what?

If style sheets, keep in mind that different browsers react in unique ways 
to style sheets.

As I understand PHP you use it to generate HTML output, which more or less 
constrains you to what you see in the browser. You can also create a text 
file and email it to the user, or display it in the browser, but that will 
involve programming the report in PHP, there is no report writer.

Regards - Miles Thompson

At 10:02 AM 7/26/01 +0700, Sommai Fongnamthip wrote:
>         When I retrieve data to display on web with PHP, it can print out 
> from web in Browser Stlye.  How could we have some PHP code to retrieve 
> current display data into PC and print it with some Custom Report Style?
>Sommai Fongnamthip
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