I have a data-entry web application that runs on:

PHP 4.0.5
Interbase 6.01 (open source)
Apache 1.3.19
Windows NT Server

The users report an unreproducible problem:

1.  A record is entered.
2.  Some time later (hours, days, weeks), user wished to update record.  
Yet, record does not appear in database.
3.  User re-enters record (with a strange sense of deja vu).
4.  Some time later, both original and new record appear in database.

My PHP application does the following for every transaction:

1.  connect
2.  run SQL statement (either insert, update, delete, or select)
3.  disconnect

The reason I disconnect is to auto commit.  During development, the 
ibase_commit() function did not work and I was having problems issuing a 
'COMMIT' statement directly.

I am stumped, because predictably, I cannot reproduce this problem.  During 
testing, every transaction I have entered is available.

I welcome any advice or suggestions.

Jeffery Cann

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