How many rows are in the table?  Is the "id" column indexed?  It looks like
it's scanning through each row to find a match.  How long does it take to
delete just the one row?  If it's 2 seconds, then that delete is acting the
same way.

If you have a very small table, then it sounds like the database is swapping
out to disk for each delete thus increasing your response time.  You need to
look at how much cache is available and the amount of memory on your server.
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Date: Friday, July 27, 2001 10:28 AM
Subject: [PHP-DB] Problems with update und delete's

>Maybe you can help me with my problems.
>I have a html form that deletes (or updates) over a php-script datas from
>database like "delete from table_name where id=xy"
>and it works correctly.
>But when I have about 100 entries in my database then it takes about 50
>to delete an entry.
>Do you know what it can be????
>Please send replies to this newsgroup or to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Thanx a lot.
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