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> I seem to be having difficulty creating a hypertext link between the
> results of a sql query, ie a a formated page with a contact record
> (FirstName, LastName, etc.) to a page that will allow for editing.

I think that I'm doing what you're trying to do.  See my demo at:


It's a demo page, so go ahead and edit records all you like.
While viewing any record, select the "Edit" button, and you'll be taken
to a page where the that record may be edited. 

> The results page is text only and the edit/update page has text
> boxes. 

Well, I think this is what I'm doing, if I understand you right.

> Not sure if this clear, but any help would be greatly appreciated. 

If the demo is similar to the result you'd like, let me know and I'll
show how it's done.

Al S.

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