Od: "Sergey Larionov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Temat: [PHP-DB] InterBase

> "Warning: InterBase: arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string
>  truncation  Cannot  transliterate character between character sets in
>  /home/larionov/public_html/base.php on line 6"
> How I can turn off tranliteration?

You cann't just "turn it off" - this message means that client charset is
different than db charset. If you have database created with default
character set, say, WIN1252, you will get this message when you try to
retrieve row using, say, WIN1250 and the row contains characters from
outside of WIN1250 character set. This also happens when you do not specify
character set when creating columns in tables then connect specifying
character set - all characters above #127 will be trated as illegal and
raise this error. That's why the best approach is to specify default
character set when creating database - all character and text blob columns
will use this character set and no special processing will be nacessary
during connecting, just set the appropriate lc_ctype variable in database
parameter buffer (i.e. in ibase_connect parameters).

Jarek Zgoda

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