I'm still at the start of trying to get to grips with PHP so these
comments should be treated with a healthy scepticism.

Most of the examples I have seen and used involving sessions will start
the session at the start of the script. If you want to continue checking
on a particular user's name you can then pass a variable using
session_register in order to track the user's name during the session.

In your example this might involve placing the start_session at the
start of the script and then carrying out a separate check to see if the
user is a valid user. You can then control the program flow on
subsequent sessions by again checking if the user is valid and
presenting appropriate messages to them if they are not.

Hope this helps,

Michael Egan

Koutsogiannopoulos Karolos wrote:
> Hello all...
> i have the following script which checks a username and pass from a db and
> if it is correct it starts a session..
> The problem is that when i go to next page the session is gone.!!
> What must i do to start the session and keep it permanent until the uses
> logs off???
> $handle=mysql_connect("localhost","root","s");
> $db = mysql_select_db("cosmonaut",$handle);
> $auth=mysql_query("select * from users where user_name='$username' and
> user_pass='$password'",$handle);
> $match=mysql_num_rows($auth);
> if ($match > 0)
> {
> session_start();
> $userid = session_id();
> echo $userid;
> include("index.php");
> }
> else
> {
> echo "wrong pass";
> }
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