At 5:24 PM -0400 8/1/01, Steve Fitzgerald wrote:
>I belive this UPDATE should work, but it isn't. I get no errors. I have also
>tried using FieldName= '$Fieldname', but that does not seem to work either.

Try your WHERE clause with a SELECT statement and see if it's actually
matching any rows.

>$table_name = "contacts";
>$update_contact_sql = "UPDATE $table_name
>FirstName =\"$FirstName\",
>LastName = \"$LastName\",
>Title = \"$Title\",
>WorkPhone = \"$WorkPhone\",
>HomePhone = \"$HomePhone\",
>Mobile = \"$Mobile\",
>EmailName = \"$EmailName\",
>Birthday = \"$Birthday\"
>WHERE ContactID = \"$ContactID\"
>$result = @mysql_query($update_contact_sql, $connection) or die ("Couldn't
>execute query.");


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